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Cannabis Flower Mug, 15oz, Tea, Coffee, Weed, 420, Macro

Cannabis Flower Mug, 15oz, Tea, Coffee, Weed, 420, Macro

SKU: 88649012370529224891

Nothing compares to the beauty of Nature!


High-resolution stacked macro professional studio shots depicting your favorite Plant Medicine varietals adorn each mug. Macro flower photography employs precise focus stacking techniques, combining multiple images with varying focus points to create a single image with exceptional depth of field. This reveals the intricate details of the kola's, pistil, stigma, and trichomes... showcasing nature's artistry at an astonishing level of clarity. Each photo becomes a mesmerizing tapestry of colors, textures, and delicate structures, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the hidden wonders of the botanical world. 

🍃Professional studio macro photography of high end cannabis flowers, exclusively by Covered In Flowers, LLC.

🍃 Our exclusive, macro photography is sublimated onto a lovely ceramic mug
🍃 Super high resolution image 
🍃 15 oz. 
🍃 Black ceramic
🍃 Microwave safe
🍃 Dishwasher safe
🍃 Rounded corners
🍃 C-handle

    $25.00 Regular Price
    $20.00Sale Price
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